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  • Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES

    21.99 $

    In Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES, Jacky takes his first steps on his journey to self discovery. He learns how to find the YES hidden behind every NO, and how to communicate so that Mama can understand him.

  • Jacky & Raff and the Truth About “MINE”

    21.99 $

    In the Truth about “MINE,” the second book in the Jacky & Raff series, Jacky discovers that sharing is not about giving but about feeling together, be it toys or emotions. Having realized this lesson, he creates a new reality between himself and his younger brother, Cal.

  • Jacky & Raff: the Bundle

    39.00 $

    Teach your child the Language of YES and empower them to share feelings AND emotions with this Mindfulness bundle for preschoolers and young readers!